ArtPro Businessdevelopment GmbH

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Founded by Robert Moser, our main focus over the past 14 years has been mainly on two business areas. On one hand we have sought to increase our asset based holdings such as our property company; whilst on the other hand supporting our customers to achieve their complex business objectives.

With decades of experience behind us, we offer professional managment which includes a vast and comprehensive network. Our core-competence drives us to seek creative and visionary solutions through indepth research and a fundamental knowledge of our customers Goals.

One of our property holdings in Berlin. An object fully rented out delivering double-digit returns  to our investors and us.

As part of our coporate culture we support social- and cultural projects. E. g. the exhibition "50 years middle-european art".

Celebrating 5 years advising BigBus; a story of succesfully breaking of a monopoly in the "HopOn HopOff"-bustours-business in Vienna.