Robert Moser, Founder

ArtPro Businessdevelopment GmbH

Successtory - Advisory for international bus operator

As a longterm advisor for the number one Hop-On Hop-Off bus services company in the world, BigBus, we succesfully lobbied the intent of applying for a licence of a bus-route in Vienna. The Company supported by us in the meantime very succesfully operates two new lines and is still growing. This against a decades old local monopoly built by the local big players in bus services.

Based on our extensive Network  and by combining the expertise of our Partner, Law Firm Dr. Wolfgang Punz, we have quite an unmatched specialisation on matters around transportation and bus operators. Our experience is the foundation for outstanding results in either applying for new routes, or taking over existing companies.

Partnership with local authorities remains a core principle with the aim in mind of creating a "win-win" situation for both the countries intentions and the bus industry. This in order to deliver service improvements, innovation and cost effective investment. We build relationships with government-members, local authorities and other stakeholders across our networks to realise efficiencies and better services for our customers, particularly through well balanced solutions.