ArtPro Businessdevelopment GmbH

Robert Moser, Founder

Some examples of our recent tasks 

Ongoing Projects

(updated May, 29th, 2019)

We are proud to serve the # 1 grocer of Austria in his seminal projects in the City of Vienna.

Since mid of 2018 we are part of the team developing an enormous property project, including a park with approx. 18.000 sqm, a school, more than 800 government funded appartments with a total size of approx. 150.000 sqm.

We are proud being part of getting another #1 company to Vienna. The most valuable #1 IT-Corporation in the world trusts the team of ArtPro handling the relation to the authorities necessary for opening the first flagship store in Austria in time.

The global #1 tourist-bus operator BigBus and ArtPro just started the 7th year of an ever successful relation. Again we will be delivering a win-win for our customers, the city of vienna and BigBus.

Consulting-contract with one of the fastest growing Real-Estate-Development Companies in the prime-real-estate area. We love to work for this company, due to the fact, that it is one of the most professional and dynamic companies, with an outstanding leader, advisory-board and team.

Consulting-contract with a pre-IPO real-estate-development company focused on creating affordable living in Vienna. A corporation with highly respected owners, lead by an ever dynamic industry-expert, with enormous growth-potential and an unparalleled business-model.

Set-up of a senior-advisory-group of highly respected persons, with the aim in mind, to successfully support the complex goals of our customers.

Set-Up and management of structure for our investors from Iraq, aiming to invest in sustainable assets, and to connect Austrian companies with Iraqi companies.

Set-Up of structure for our wholly-owned real-estate ventures in Germany.

Former achievements

Our first purchase and sale of a real-estate company in Berlin. In the beginning a stressed investment, at the end of the day delivering outstanding results.

Facilitating the sale of a historical building complex in Vienna incl. tourism operations of an Austrian institution to a Russian investor

Some examples of our work in the corporate sector

Rehabilitation of a distressed corporation and its subsidiaries in the role of the board

Restructuring of an Austrian window manufacturer and retailer as external consultants

Market entry for U.S. IT security vendors in the Middle East and Austria